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Powerful. Engaging. Progressive. Hypnotic.  Words that describe Steven Santiago’s unique take on infusing refined taste with hard core music.  Merging his urban environment with his passion for an elitist art form simply made sense.  Steven’s classically trained voice fit perfectly with what seemed like an inconceivable match.  But his tenor voice paralleled the pounding hip hop beats that would command and captivate your senses.  This marriage of elegance and rawness gave birth to Steven Santiago’s genre of music: Hip Hop Opera.


The beginning of his musical endeavors commenced at the early age of seven, when he took piano lessons and performed in routine recitals.  Being a member of the Boys Club of America in the Bronx cultivated his love for singing when he played the role of President Roosevelt in the classic children’s musical Annie.  His ambition to study voice grew into a passion that resulted in taking private vocal lessons under the guidance of Susan and Edwin Lubin, founders of the Lubin School of Music in Briarcliff Manor, NY, where he received a full scholarship to attend their private vocal studio.  This introduction to music led to classical training courses at the world renowned Julliard School of Performing Arts where he developed his musicianship.


Opera Steve is a new genre of music that is a beauty and the beast dichotomy that is grandiose in every sense of the word.  He aspires to spread this elegant art in a relatable format that can be enjoyed by the masses.  From stadiums to opera houses around the world, Opera Steve is here to leave his unique musical footprint in the music industry.

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