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Captivating and enchanting are only a few words that describe Steven Santiago’s extraordinary gift.  His understanding and appreciation of an elitist art form is the reason why one can hear the brilliance in his voice.  Steven’s endless devotion to performing his craft well is expressed in his delivery and technique and it continues to motivate his dedication to music.  His quest to explore opera took him from the concrete jungle of New York City’s Bronx borough to Italy and back, allowing him to infuse his urban roots with opera, giving birth to his own genre of music: Hip Hop Opera.  His tenor voice has set the tone on gritty Hip Hop tracks to gracing the Spoleto Art Symposium.  Regardless of how Steven uses his talent, the end product is audible pure perfection in its simplest form.



His seasoned professional appearances and performances remain a vehicle to continue creating music while exploring new territories to quench his thirst for creativity.  He aspires to spread this classical art form to the masses in a relatable format to educate and cultivate people.  At the same time, he lends his voice to the music as an instrument for beautiful masterpieces old and new.  From stadiums to opera houses around the world, Opera Steve will leave his unique musical footprint to finesse the industry and please the audience's ear.

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